병원 혈액샘플 전용 이송 시스템 “에어랩” AirLab

병원 혈액샘플 전용 이송 시스템
“에어랩” AirLab

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1. Generation

Hospital Logistic System “AGE of Pneumatic Tube System”
발전의 4단계
Age Introduction
1980 ~ 1990s
feature In order to transfer to X-ray film, medical charts, blood samples, and so on.. The X-ray film is transferred to the image transfer system, and the medical chart is replaced by an electronic chart Problem with opening and closing the carrier cap more than a thousand times a day
Medical Persons with Musculoskeletal Diseases
Auto unload system
Carrier cap is automatically open / 1,2,3 generation
Only the blood sample transfers without carrier
error rate high miniaturization start RFID Application Connectable with equipment
frequency of use +++ ++ + +
** It is best to use the 3RD Generation Auto-unload-station and the AurLab in parallel.

2. Products

Hospital Logistic System Blood sampling room - Diagnostic laboratory (AirLab System)
A system that automatically sends and receives the only Blood Tube through 25mm pipe
Where Blood collection room, emergency room, diagnostic laboratory etc. of hospital
Product Image
1. No Carrier for blood sample, No Cartridges at all.
2. When pour in the inlet, it works right away.
3. Can send up to 150 at a time.
4. Connectable with a blood collection unit → auto load system
5. Can connect two or more Vessels to one Receiving Station.
6. Blood sample Tubes are automatically sorted in the same direction
7. Can send 1300 in an hour. (The world's fastest speed)
8. Emergency input is possible.
9. The barcode readable
10. Convenient operating 7-inch touch panel.
11. Good Design
12. Two outlet ports on the Receiving Station.
13. Connects to Lab automation systems.
Blood sampling room - Diagnostic laboratory (AirLab System), Improved Workflow
Product Image
Product Image
Blood sampling room - Diagnostic laboratory (AirLab System)
※ Specifications
AirLab System
How to Pouring a large amount of blood samples and sending them one by one(Up to 150)
Product Image
Blood tube direction setting Automatically align direction
Air Compressor
Quantity up to 900~1300 sample tubes per hour
Dimensions H600 x W930 x D500
Key pad 7” touch screen
Interlocking with Blood
Collection Table
Separate monitoring system Yes (Main operation function, Log Data USB output possible)
Emergency Sending possible
Receiving Station Two Doors
Blood sampling room - Diagnostic laboratory (AirLab System)
Product Image
Blood sampling room - Diagnostic laboratory (AirLab System)
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